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Expedition Deep-sea

An interactive, educational and exciting exhibition one of the least explored places on earth

The depths of the seas and oceans are the least explored parts of our planet.  In this exhibition we want, in an impressive, exciting and easily understood way, to bring the visitor closer to this fascinating subject.  Using a hands-on and, at the same time, a scientifically serious approach the visitor will gain confidence with his new knowledge.  We acknowledge the excellent loans from the “Vienna Natural History Museum of the “Musee du Leman” and the “Fondation Piccard”.  This popular-science, interactive and academically funded exhibition was developed under the academic leadership of Dr. Hanno Baschnegger und Dr. Victoria Golub.  
Hanno Baschnegger is a zoologist and former head of the Department of Knowledge transfer and Exhibitions at the Natural History Museum, Vienna.  He works as exhibition and outdoor educator for National Parks at home and abroad.  He is a recipient of the Konrad Lorenz Prize and was responsible for major-events attracting over half a million visitors. As a widely experienced developer of exhibitions he unerringly achieves the right balance between education and entertainment. 
Victoria Golub is a biologist and science editor. Over the last 20 years Dr. Golub has worked for museums, national parks and NGOs such as WWF und Greenpeace. In her role as a media specialist she has provided an appropriate audio-visual lay-out of the display and ensured that the written content is understandable to the layman.
Our collaborators at the magazine GEO have been involved with the project from the outset and their specialist knowledge and spectacular photographs have made an important contribution to the success of the display. We are proud to have worked with this highly regarded publication.
In the small cinema area of the exhibition we show highlights of the world famous BBC film “The Deep”.  The film explores the depths of the seas of the world and examines a number of amazing animal species. One of the chart-displays shows, in a targeted and eye-catching manner, aspects of the efforts of the WWF and Greenpeace to demonstrate the need to protect the ecology of our seas.
Following a trip to the exhibition every visitor can test his knowledge with a quiz and may win a goods voucher, which can be used towards purchases in the shopping centre.
We hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to welcoming you as our guest.