Alfred Holzer (GesmbH + Co) was founded in 1954 and has been in business without interruption since then.  Hugo Mennel has successfully led the company since 1972.   After due consideration and in-depth market research, it was decided to re-brand the company as “cult-event”.  “cult-event” organizes scientifically-based, popular and interactive exhibitions for shopping centres, schools and local exhibition centres.

Top professionals from the relevant subject area initiate these exhibitions focusing on issues at the centre of media interest.  The report-magazine GEO, the Natural Historical Museum in Vienna and the Museum du Leman support us with their collaboration and by the loan appropriate items of particular interest. At the same time our exhibitions draw attention to the work of the WWF und Greenpeace.

 Hugo Mennel  Alfred Holzer GesmbH+Co A-6973 Hoechst